Let's create the most complete collection of twords.

What's a tword?

A non dictionary word created by blending two dictionary words or celebrity names.

Known as ‘blends’ and ‘portmanteaus’ in the linguistics world, we prefer tword or twords because it says exactly what it is, two words combined.

Tips on submitting a tword

  1. Humour and ridiculousness are encouraged.
  2. Flow is encouraged e.g. Spork (Spoon + Fork) = good, Spnife (Spoon + Knife) = bad.
  1. Racism and hatred are not allowed.
  2. Avoid using suffixes where possible e.g. Use ‘Fart’, not ‘Farted’, ‘Farting, ‘Farter’ etc.
  3. Compounded words e.g. School + Boy = Schoolboy are not allowed.
  4. Non celebrity names e.g. Jim + Invention = Jimvention are not allowed.